One of the really cool things about being a Steward of a Little Free Library, is that you get to meet and interact with other LFL Stewards all over the world!  It is a wonderful community and a great group of people!!

Over the Holiday Season…the Stewards can participate in a SECRET SANTA swap.  It is a great way to share some of your favorite books, library items, give aways, etc. with another library somewhere else in the world.

We would love to THANK Sarah Schmidt (LFL #37723) for her AWESOME Secret Santa gifts for our Library! Since our library is located at Rene’s work (Kiwanis International)….she was able to quickly fight the cold weather and put the books and the fun pencils and erasers in a Christmas Mug for all of our patrons to enjoy! That is…all except the New Orleans Book she sent us. We have to read that one first as we are going there (first timers) in 2 years to celebrate her 50th Birthday!

Thank you again! I am sure our patrons will enjoy it all!2016-lfl-secret-santa-gifts



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