Naptown Books – Little Free Library

When you come into our home, you will notice two things pretty quickly. It is filled with love…and it is filled with books!! And we love to share both!!!   We are building a Little Free Library on the northern side of Indianapolis, Indiana. It will be located on the property of Kiwanis International, an organization dedicated to serving the children of the world. And what better way to help the children to encourage them to read!!


But this little library won’t just be for children, it is for anyone interested in filling their heart and mind with wondrous adventures! The Little Free Library will look very similar to the one shown above and will house books for all ages. But if this was just about providing free books, this concept might not work. “Little Free Libraries have a unique, personal touch though and there is an understanding that real people are sharing their favorite books with their community. These aren’t just any old books, this is a carefully curated collection and the Library itself is a piece of neighborhood art!”


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